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Herakles Thermal Center

Mesajgönderen Siyabend » 10 Mar 2010 12:55

Pamukkale: a heaven on earth that the nature distributes cure through the mineral waters since 3. century A.C: And SPA Hotel Herakles Thermal; situated at the edge of mountains in unspoilt nature; for you to discover yourself again by relaxation, fun and treatment. A Health Cure Personalized Holiday at Herakles: Specialization, Diversity, Quality…

108 Rooms; designed for your comfort with its comfortable decoration: air-conditioning, bathroom, direct dial telephone, balcony, TV/Satellite system, minibar, hairdryer, and floor covered with carpet.
You will find the curing red thermal water of Karahayit in your bathroom redy for your service at any time.

Thermal Water

Under the control of a professional health staff, the below disease can be treated by the help of the natural red water which is 55C at its main source at our garden, 38C in the thermal pool:

Rheumotological diseases
Sciatica, neck and waist hernia, calsification
Circulatory system diseases
After operation disorders
Stress treatment
Imsomnia and tiredness
Some skin diseases

By drinking cures;
Gastrointestinal diseases
Calsium support cures in Osteaporoz

When our curist guest arrives at the hotel, he passes through the doctor’ s consultation. If a contridiction of the thermal water does not exist to his illness, he will be proposed a treatment program. It is the guest’ s decision either to accept the program or to continue using only the thermal baths and hamam…

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

With the aid of our doctor, physiotherapist, massaurs you will find the cures of your rheumatic diseases, you will be refreshed and renewed…


Accelerates the blood circulation, gives relaxation by dissolving spasm and stops pain. It helps the skin to protect the freshness and elasticity against time and stress.

Mud Bath
Sterilized mud full of minerals is mixed with paraffin and is applied to the necessary parts of the body by the specialist. Reduces muscle pains and effective in rhemotological diseases.

Hammam has its roots from the ancient Romans, and a tradition in Anatolia. Today’ s SPA acknowledgment relies on “Hammam”.

Physiotherapy and Electroterapy

It is used in the treatment of rheumatical diseases, it reduces muscle and joint paints, it is used after the operations and in the treatment of muscle spasms and sprains.

In our health center we have: Ultrasound, paraffin, underwater massage, Tens, Cold-Hot Pack, galvanic current, iontophoresis, interference, vacuum, lumbar&cervical traction.

Cold & Hot İmplemantion Treatments

Gives relaxation, energy and dynamism by getting rid of the microbes through respiring.

Underwater Massage

One of the most effective methods of balneotherapy. It regulates and accelerates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles. It gives maximum dynamism to the body.


It is applied to the to local area which gives pain. By its heat, it accelerates the blood circulation in the applied area.

Beauty Center

Leave yourself to the miraculous hands of our professional estetisian in our Beauty Center…

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