Antakya Ottoman Palace

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Antakya Ottoman Palace

Mesajgönderen Siyabend » 10 Mar 2010 16:17

Humankind has been using water for healing purposes for centuries. People benefit from thermal water by drinking, breathing, swimming in it and some other ways. Even non-thermal water relieves one’s tiredness; it helps human body discharge electricity and be purified. Think about the benefits that water which has the highest mineral values and the most favorable properties (29.317 mg in 1 liter) of the world shall provide you. Being approved by the Ministry of Health, our mineral water cures 19 illnesses in total. This fact is based on the analysis carried out by Çapa Medical Faculty rather than the compliments and gratitude of guests we have entertained so far.

1 liter thermal water of our hotel contains 15 mg iodide; if we take into consideration that the thermal water with maximum iodide content, which is 6 mg in 1 liter, is known to be in Germany throughout the world, it is unique and unexampled. Iodide in our thermal water has an antioxidant effect, namely it protects skin from ageing and rejuvenates it. While the average mineral level is 2900 even in Romania, which is world-famous for the thermal hotels she has, it is 29317,121, namely ten folds, in Ottoman Palace. Water temperature is 43C°. Furthermore, Volcanic Stone, Classic, Anti-Cellulite, Shiatsu, Thai and Reflexology Massages, Pine Oil and Sea Salt Massages with crystallized sea salts, Cleopatra, Flower and Grape Juice Bathes, and Chocolate and Thalassotherapy Cares are offered in SPA unit of our facilities.

For your convenience, our Thermal SPA comprises of 4 different sections; Ladies, Gentlemen, Unisex and Special Family Baths.

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